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Hungarian Brand Salami

Throughout Europe, Hungarian Salami is the best known and considered by many to be the most savory of all. Hungarian Brand Salami is made right here in the USA, where we try to continue that tradition of Old World Flavor while combining it with the very highest standards of quality. Have we succeeded? People who have tried it, say yes, they like it better than the "original". We invite you to be the judge.

Two Distinct Styles - Two Distinctive Tastes

Hungarian Brand Salami is available in two distinct styles ... TELI and CSABAI and we cordially invite you to try both. Teli (which means "winter" in Hungarian) is so called because prior to the advent of modern refrigeration, salami could only be made during the winter months. Our "winter salami" is characterized by a fine and precise checkerboard cross-section. Its mild taste is achieved by lightly blending the finest spices with the highest quality meats. If you prefer a light "tang", you'll love our TELI salami.

Our Csabai salami is for the more adventurous. Named after the city of Csaba, where it was first made, centuries ago, it combines coarsely chopped meat blended with world reknown Hungarian Paprika. The result is a salami where both the juicy flavor of the meat is perfectly balanced with savory spices to produce a taste that tickles the palate.

Whether you select our Teli or Csabai, you are assured of getting the very best salami available to you and your family. The reason we make this claim is because of the way we produce our salamis. We don't manufacture them in some giant, impersonal processing plant. We create them in a manner that closely follows the traditional Old World way.

Carefully Made By Our Family - For Your Family

Each step of the process is overseen personally by a member of the Bende family, who brought these recipes to America decades ago. Careful attention is paid to every detail ... right down to ensuring that the knives are kept razor sharp, so the meat is cut cleanly and with minimum stress. All the ingredients are natural, from the main ingredient, meat, right down to the Vitamin "C" used as a preservative. The meats used to create each salami are American raised, USDA inspected and approved. They are selected by the Bende family to match the type of meats produced decades ago in their native Hungary. No detail is too small to be checked and rechecked. Every implement is inspected for cleanliness ... every ingredient for purity.